Name Gregg Tepper
Phone 985-727-7000
Mobile 985-789-8717
Fax 985-727-7001
Address 1522 West Causeway Approach
City Mandeville LA 70471
Country US
Born in New York I came to New Orleans in 1989 to attend Tulane University. By the time I graduated in 1993 I had met the women, Letha, who was to become my wife. Together we moved to San Francisco where we both worked in the restaurant industry. I studied to become a chef at the California Culinary Academy. We spent many happy years in San Francisco. We married in 1996 and our first child, Max was born in 1999.
The three of us moved back to New Orleans at the end of 1999. Letha is from New Orleans and we came back to be with family as we grew our family which now includes 3 children Max, Alexander and Charlotte. Along the way I left the restaurant business and entered sales first as a yellow page salesman. Let me tell you, if you can sell yellow pages, you can sell anything.
While I sold yellow pages I became interested in real estate investing. Letha and I invested in and renovated some homes to flip. In 2004 I decided to get my real estate license because I wanted instant access to available properties since investing involved so much timing.
In the middle of 2006 I felt a strong calling to help other people with their real estate needs, so I left the secure corporate world and started our own real estate business. Prudential Gardner was my real estate broker. I entered the business when the real estate market was still booming. However, when 2007 came around we could sense that the market was losing steam. I knew I would have to adapt quick or go find another job, so I studied foreclosures and short sales before those words were as common as they are today. I became the go-to-guy in my office for short sales since I had the patience and perseverance which are required to see them through. While our business is not exclusively short sales, they help us become a multi-million dollar producer from 2007-present day
The down market fast forwarded my education because you need to study in order to survive in a down market. Over the years I have become a savvy negotiator having successfully negotiated with the IRS, Louisiana Department of Revenue, Bank of America, Chase Bank, Regions Bank, SunTrust and many more. I have had the privilege of helping people young and old, single and married, no children and lots of children. We have helped people relocate into and out of the area, upsize, downsize, buy their first home, and avoid foreclosure.
Toward the end of 2010 I again felt a strong calling to leave Prudential Gardner and join Keller Williams. All I can say is that I wish I did years ago. The Keller Williams system and education are phenomenal and they have catapulted our business to being in the top 4% in the Greater New Orleans area.
When working with buyers and sellers they often mention they chose to work with me because I am easy to get along with. Too often agents bring a lot of drama and personal baggage with them. I am easy to work with yet at the same time my clients recognize that I am a hard worker. I work hard for their interests. While not pushy I am aggressive, patient and persitant.
When working with buyers we complete a needs analysis so we can more precisely find the right home for them. Once we have found that perfect home we negotiate the most favorable agreement possible based on a market analysis. We then hold the buyer’s hand every step of the way through inspections, shopping for insurance, title work and overcoming any obstacles that come up along the way. We also want you to have fun in the process. Buying a home should be fun and as stress free and seamless as possible. That is our goal for you.
For sellers, we begin with a thorough market analysis which is a lot more than just picking three comparables and spitting out a price. Our comparable market analysis looks at long terms trends from macro and micro perspectives on the overall area and immediate area and neighborhood. Marketing wise we put together the best plan possible to make an attractive offer to the marketplace. Selling a home is really an A-Z process that involves many steps along the way. It begins when we first meet for an interview and does not end until you have a check in your hand. While no one will have more money invested in your home than you do, we our going to invest our time and money into getting your home sold.